what our clients think of us

Until recently, we worked with an internet services company located in Canada for over 10 years. The Company discontinued their website design services and they wanted us to maintain hosting with them to continue our relationship. During the negotiation process, I discovered Sketchpad, the company owned and operated by Mr. Larry Holt.

Mr. Holt's business location is approximately 20 miles from my residence. Furthermore, I have spoken with Mr. Holt and his wife more than ten (10) times in two months. In over ten (10) years, I do not recall speaking with anyone at the former company with whom I did business. Most of our business was conducted by email.

Mr. Holt is in the process of redesigning our current company website. The work is not yet completed but it far exceeds my expectations. I will not criticize the former company but they would not have been able to perform the quality work performed by Mr. Holt. Even at an unfinished stage, Mr. Holt has redesigned a website that emphasizes our products and services; when completed, the website will be more attractive and more functional. It will make it easier for customers to locate the website and it will be a better vehicle for search engine navigation.

In addition to the quality design work performed by Mr. Holt, he has given me excellent advertising advice. Without a doubt, I was blessed to locate a company with a talented person like Mr. Holt. He is a business professional that takes pride in his work. More importantly, he is a person of integrity and produces a high quality product. I would recommend the services of Mr. Larry Holt in any area that he has expertise. I am glad my company found Mr. Holt and I plan to use his services often in the future.

Troy Verrett, Owner and President of Adonay and Verrett International, LLC


In August 2009 I ended my search for a website design firm and hired Larry and Norma Holt of Sketchpad Publications. I can't imagine that I could have made a better choice. Not only did they carry out my concepts but enriched my ideas immeasurably with their own. Every step of the way Larry and Norma have had the answers—they are very professional and knowledgeable. As a result I have a website that has fulfilled my dreams and been praised by everyone who has seen it, including the Los Angeles Times and Sunset Magazine. Most of all, they never get tired of holding my hand.

Susan Hirsch, Owner: SoCalNurseryPlants.com


Dear Larry and Norma,

Thanks so much for all your efforts. Working with all of us giving input and ideas may not have been easy but the end result is great! You've created a web site that expresses both our professionalism and our interest in making a connection with the community. We now regularly get compliments from our residents as well as from other police agencies. As compared to other police agencies we must be in the top 10%! We'll be submitting our site to law enforcement associations for recognition. Thanks for helping us meet our motto of being Committed to the

Steve MacKinnon, Chief of Police
Santa Paula Police Department,


Dear Larry and Norma,

I want to thank you for my beautiful website you created for us here at the Santa Paula Inn. I am amazed at how my business has picked up! Your advice was invaluable. We have increased business by 30% or more. Our site is so much more professional and everyone can really "get" who we are. Thanks again...

Donna Stewart, Owner, Santa Paula Inn

I would like to thank Larry and Norma of SketchPad Publications for their expertise and professionalism in designing my web page and various promotional materials. When I first started my business, I looked at many web designers and publishers. From the beginning Larry and Norma worked promptly and I loved the fact that they were a local business. I have had many people compliment my web page and business cards, and highly recommend SketchPad Publications for any new or existing business!

Eric Rangel, Owner The Artful Angler,


Those of us who work with SketchPad would like to commend them on their outstanding and professional work. Recently we had an expert in marketing museums come to the Rancho Camulos Museum. When she saw our School Tours brochure that SketchPad created for us, she was very impressed. She stated that she would like a copy to use as a sample of how to capture the public's attention to the value of museum school tours. We pass along the compliment and appreciate all of SketchPad's hard work to create event flyers, rack cards and other advertising for the Rancho Camulos Museum.

We would like for everyone to know how much SketchPad contributes to Rancho Camulos Museum. We highly recommend SketchPad to any non-profit organization seeking high quality advertisement.

Susan Dollar, Marketing & Membership Chairperson,
Rancho Camulos Museum,


I recommend Sketchpad for those looking for responsive and professional service. They were able to develop my concept into a website that far exceeded my expectations. Great job Larry and Norma.

Sonel Y. Shropshire, President/CEO, The Shropshire Group, Inc.


Dear Larry and Norma,

You update our web pages the same day you receive our emails. We can count on you to make changes within hours of our requests. We appreciate SketchPad's attentiveness to our website. SketchPad changed our old website that was not user-friendly to what we presently have that is easy for the visitor and informative.

Lisa Starks, Site Manager
Gerard Roofing Technologies

Working with Larry and Norma at Sketchpad is a great experience. It feels like working with old friends. Their insight and ideas are wonderful; it's like they are part of your team. They are also fast. On several occasions the City has had to get information up on line quickly and Larry and Norma had the information up and running, with bells and whistles, in just minutes. It's nice to be able to count on that level
of support.

Steve McClary, Administrative Services Manager, City of Fillmore

This letter is to serve as a testimonial for my personal professional business dealings with Sketchpad. I have had various business transactions with Sketchpad since 1997 through 3 different businesses--2 of which I held Corporate Officer positions with.

On all occasions I have found their knowledge abundant and their interactions easy for a laymen like myself to comprehend. Brainstorming ideas about proposed sites was comfortable. I would say, or answer, a few questions about product or service and they would make suggestions. My answer to those suggestions was on all occasions respected.

They are an easy does it yet quite professional company and have given priority to budgetary allowances in lieu of personal profit. A diminishing quality. The sites they have designed and hosted were always kept up meticulously. I have referred other businesses to Sketchpad and will continue to do so when opportunity presents itself.

Joseph A Russell, V.P. Bouquet Canyon Stone

I have had Larry and Norma do our web site from inception, development, and creation. They have always been very helpful with suggestions and creative improvements to make our web page work for us. We are constantly getting customers into our store who have found us through our web page. They are very prompt at getting revisions done. They are nice to work with!

Scott Klittich, Owner Otto and Sons Nursery,


I have found Sketchpad Publications to be great to work with in producing the website for our Mural Project. They listen well, are patient with my questions and respond quickly. Plus they developed a beautiful website for us at a reasonable cost. What more could you ask?

Joyce Carlson, President, Arts & Business Council, Santa Paula Murals,


Larry and Norma at Sketchpad Publications are experts at what they do. They not only have a strong command of the software applications used in their publications, but they also apply creativity and design into their work. I appreciate their recommendations based on their experience and knowledge, and I can always count
on them for timely responses.

Alyce Moncourtois, Managing Editor CoastaLink magazine,

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme Division,
Public Relations, SYS Technologies, 805.486.4444

The folks at SketchPad are a joy to work with. They respond quickly, provide first-rate service, and go out of their way to solve problems. I appreciate their congeniality, and look forward to continuing the relationship for a long time!

Ira Heilveil, Ph.D., Owner, Pacific Child and Family Associates,

President, Autism International Foundation,


We were very impressed how Larry and Norma were able to take the various quality and odd shaped photographs that we wanted on our website and turn them into a beautifully laid out advertisement. We are extremely happy with the website maintenance that Sketchpad provides for us. When we have an update to our website, Sketchpad promptly makes the change. We never have to worry that our website is not working properly; Sketchpad always has their eyes on it. Thank you Sketchpad...

Sandy Lilley, Movin On Livestock Rental Co. Movin On Livestock,


Dear Larry and Norma,

I'd like to thank you for a job well done. As a new business owner, I needed my initial web site redesigned, and this being the first time trying to put a web site together, the one-on-one atmosphere made the whole process about as easy as it could be. Your knowledge of the ins and outs of web design and the internet, I'm sure, will play a major role in the success of my web site. Thanks again, see ya soon.

Dave Miller, Co-Owner, Ozone Environmental Solutions

Dear Larry and Norma,
You have helped my business in so many ways, it's hard to describe all the benefits. To begin with, after designing our website it took a while for people to find it. You told us this would take place and it was hard for us to sit back and wait through this growing stage. Probably 8 months from inception. Then it began to grow slowly. After a couple years, we were getting 5,000 and more hits a month on a subject that's not very sexy—senior benefits when they go into a nursing home. Last I looked, we were either #1 or in the 10 ten on all search engines. I call this a major victory. This translates into more and more business for our company. I rarely have to go out of my office to find clients, because they find me. Yippee!

Not only are you pleasant people to deal with, honorable, intelligent and knowledgeable; you also provide service quickly, usually same day. What this means to me in dollars and cents is that I'm making more money with less effort.

To those people just in the wondering stages of whether or not to hire Sketchpad Publications, you may feel free to contact me for a personal recommendation. Because when we started up, we didn't have the money to spend on advertising or anything else. We were barely making ends meet. We met Larry and Norma at a fair where we each had booths. We subsequently met, discussed our business needs, and took it on faith that they would guide us through the "Internet" process. It took a while for the Internet to provide a substantial portion of our business. It's not an overnight thing. Last year it was 50% of our business. This month it was 80% of our business.

The outcome is that we are currently making a 6 figure income and it's going up. That's bottom line, folks.

To conclude. We have heard so many stories from other people about how much money they spent to get their website up and running with no or little results with so called "professionals in the business". Well, we're thankful that we found Larry and Norma Holt of Sketchpad Publications because they know what they're doing. They do what they say. The results speak for themselves. They are worth their weight in gold!

Donna A. Westfall, Co-Owner, Medi-Cal Specialists

Dear Larry and Norma,
Your assistance over the past several years, particularly in coaching staff members in the use of new programs, has been extremely valuable. Your patient help during emergency situations has also been very much appreciated. Mastering primary programs, with Sketchpad instruction, has been a major factor in increasing our efficiency, which translates into a better bottom line.

Thanks again. It's comforting to know that dependable professional assistance is


Martin Farrell, Publisher, Owner, The Fillmore Gazette,